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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  January 21, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> no snow worries here, winter storm past by us. you can hardly tell this morning. now tom said, prere for a bitter blast. >> and miracle move. after two weeks after being shot in the head, a milestone for congresswoman gabrielle giffords. january 21, 2011. happy friday. >> we are taking a look at maryland right now.
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highways look mnly we the road crews are ready too out in ceroblems develop. >> this is the wilson bridge, smooth sailing so far. pavement is wet. we had sn, but it melted. >> in the sdrkts a live look from downtown d.c., roadways just wet. tom is hereo talk about the forecast. we missed another one. >> a lot of sad faces looking at us. >> the kids are mad,om. >> and the teachers. >> no school delays or cancellations, prepareo head off to work and school this morning. we did g a light dusting. radar showing a bit of still lingering snowshower activity, central blue ridge,ff to the east. a quick passing snowshower, much colder air, genelly, was wet wi a dusty of snow a rain of
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the farther north, a quarter to a half inch. western loudoun, panhandle of west rginia, some of the gher rinls an inch to two inch. overall, it was a light event. now, gting coer. below freezingn northern montgomery, loudn, west and north. dulles had aust at 30 miles an hour. our alcohol, down to near 20 there. the winds will increase into the afteoon as we got a deeper low prsure that was weak when it camever us, now intensifying off the jersey coast. it will wind whips today. to the west, 20s in the mountains,eens in ohio, kentucky and indiana, single digits. anbelow zero northnd west of there. it will drop throughout t day,
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later this afteoon, winds sting to 40 miles an hour, a winds diminish after mid night, low teens tomorw morning. trfic? >> a samplg around town. 270 corridor, in roville, northbound and southbound, 270, looking good. the overnht road work should be wrapped up. southbound lanes a available for you. northern virginia interate 66, bot directions, between the calital beltway looking od. and you can se it is damp. be aware of it. extra braking distance wouldt hurt. the trains, on the rails, met rail, no early issues.
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whipping winds will make iteel like its in the single digi. crewsreating the ros,nd tracy wilkins out tre with a look at the cditions out there. tracy. >> reporter: a light dusting, let me show you in the grass, that is what we have. a little bit of snow out here on the grassy areas, maybe a bit on yo car. take a loo at the roads, that is what we are all thinking about. they a pretty much wet. talking to the maryland depament of transportation, they said, our roads look great. be careful, it is winter. youhould be treating wet surfaces like they are icy. you never know. crews are still standing by just in case there are issues. we are looking forward to wha wi be happening tay and the next few days that is freezing tempatures, and really high winds. 40 mile an hour winds are expected to pickp this morning. i am already starting to feel the cold.
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frigid cold in fact, it is sposed to be colder on your way home than it will be on your way t work today. be prepared for that dress f it. officials are sang, they are hoping will happen with the roads is that all the water will hopefully aporate. e wind will help with that, and the sun that we are expecting. wh we get the freezing temperatures, tha roads don't freeze. they will be monitorin the roads just in case. back to you in the stio. from the roads to e skies, several flights have been cancelled or deled already. th is a live look at reagan. delta has cancelled flights to atnta, columbusand detroit. jet blue cancelled the flits to ston. be sure to check withour carrier for canllations or delays. treatment for congresswoman
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gabrielle giffords is moving well enough to move her to a rab habbilitation center, that move requires i moving her texas. good morning to you, jay. >> rorter: good morning. gabrielle giffords has shown amazg resolve. the toughest pt of her recovery, doctors agree, is just now starting here in houston. this could mark a milestone in injured congrswoman gabrielle giffords, just two weeks after beg shot in the head she is scheduled to leave the hospital in tuon. >> she is a fighter like nobody else that i know. >> reporter: her fight will continue at the texas ititute of rehabilitation and reseah in housn.
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>> comprehensive rehabilitation problem, taking into consideration the cogtive and emotnal recovery. >> reporter: it is not clear if gabrielle giffords can speak or e. they are want sure how much strength she has on the right side of her body it will be a long and difficult road back. >> mohs, no question, nths. we are optimistic because her recovery her haseen quick. >> reporter: opitchell by her husband, about her recovery and -- >> in two months, you will see her walking through t front door of this building. >> reporter: that optmitell, temped by doctors and therapists who say it will be a diicult and long recovery. they stress they will work on th mental, physical and
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emotiol aspects of gabrielle giffords' recovery. helping her torelearn what before t tragedy was the easiest of tks. d.c. pice are looking for answers after finding a man bleeding fromhe head, on new york avenue northeast. police don't know how he stain thad head injury. they do know he was attacked by someone. we wil continue to update this story th information as it comes available. poli are looking for a man who shot man on the way home from the shaker peer theater on wednesday night. william mitchell was walking home from the metro station on florida aven, when he got to some sort of an argument with the gunman. investigators say the gunman hod a bike after shooting him and took off. >> it is 5:08, 35 deges, a
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bull run in virginia. it is not what you think. >> and george clooney's health concerns, how he contracted a potentially deadly disease. >>tick around, your weather >>tick around, your weather and affic are next.
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weather and traffic on the 1s. we hav passing snowshowers, enandoah vley and east of
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the blue rinl, andoints south. weave most locations, teeratures are above freezing for now. except about 30, 40 miles west of washington, at or below frzing there. the weak area of low pressure that gave ushe dusting of snow anthe rain is now deepening and intsifying off the coast. that wil whip us with winds today, falling int the 20snd teens tomorrow, and below freezing through the wkend and fit part of next week. how is traffic? >> 295, right here, everything moving nicely. see if that is the case elsewhere. a live lo, top side of the capil beltway. outer loop, typically, the first to load up. were picking up volume. nothing to fear this point. along the route 15 corridor, i-270 doing fine
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no delays on the rails. >> a 35 degrees, ahead on news 4 today, a tenni player reserves tserve a report. >> about me, in sydney. >> awkward court side inrview. >> we will tell youhat the text message sent. >> ts is not what i want to see on t highway. drivers in reverse.
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>>5:14, heris a lk a the to stories, the snow did not amount to mu,ut crews are ready for anything. sa and sand trucks are out overnight. and prepare for dramatic drop in temperatures. >> congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be transrred to a rehabilitationenter today in houston. she travels by helicopt. >> a man found bleeding about the head. police don't kno how the man suained the head injuries. they do know he was attacked by someone. this morning, a group of scientists is trying to come up with new ways to get rid of bed bugs.
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they are mapping the bugs' dna to manipulate their genes. providing experts on ways to get rid of bed bugs. >> this is a stch of the suspect, a 20 year-old woman said she was walking on route 1, when a man pulled her into his car. she said the man drove away, and sexually assaulted her. the wan eventually escaped from the car in woodidge. anyone with infmation is asked to call the police. nearly 50 peopleace arges for selling drugs and guns i what police call eration bull run. th made the arrests after a two-year investation. detectives say a mlion in
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drugs was purchased or seized. federal charges wer filed against 25 state charges against 2 hers. sgle we know the name of the 15-year-old boy kled trying to cross the street. police say wayne cuffy was hit and killed landover in hyattsvie. he andhree other tnagers were attempting to cross the road whene was hit by a ford expedition. the driver did remain on the scene. police are looking for witnesses who mayave seen the crash. >> the secretaryf the smithsonian said he would make the same decision. it is a video acrawling over a
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crus fix. he sai he is working on a more efficient wayo round up advice concerning controversial pces of art. his time, becau of the jersey he might bewaring, the philadelphia eagles rently hired jim washburn, haneorth and washburn worked with him in tennessee. he said he owes him everything and he is a great teache they tried to trade haynes worth in the mcnbdeal. coach reid ninety-sixed that part of the deal. >> an imrtant reminder of what not to say or ask of a woman. >> kim busted him after match.
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>> renee showed me a text meage that yourote to her about me. in sid neempt. >> what did i sa >> i thought i was pregnan-- yo thought ias pregna? >> i guess we have to ask, are you? >> no, i am not. >> clijsteas good hearted about it. >> unless a woman isn lar, you don't ask her ifhe is pregnant. don't k that mistake. >> that happened to me. >> unless she is holding a baby, you don't say, were you egnant. >> i wore this pink blouse on air, and i was asked if i was
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pregna. iurned it. and never wore it again. >> now, back to the winter weather. cold, icy stares. a look at i-270. most of the roads are wet. in the midwest, people were not so lucky. look at -- >> a winter storm blew across e midwest and killed at least six people. more than a footn some places. slick roadsere blamed for the deaths in oklahoma. >> it could dropo 15 below zero, heavy snow fell in ohio, antennessee, leaving a mess to clean up. >> if no below zero stuff, right? >> it may feel it with the winds that will begin to whip. we are seeinghe gus at 30
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miles an hour. not so st, not quiteone yet. we have lightningering snowshowers, in the shenaoah valley, and faulkier county, and f to the east. we may getflurries, the big ory is the winds are picking up. and the temperatures e opping it is below freezing in montgomery andloudoun, shenandoah valley, fredrick and washington county and points west. thstorm did come through and give us snow and rain, south and soheast of us it is now deeping and intensifying off the jsey cot. we will get wind-whipped toda into t 20s this ternoon. it will stay below fezing all weekend into theirst part of next week. we may get light snow, it loo
5:22 am
like now the timingould be later on tuesday, rain on wednesday. snow wednesday night. now is trfic? >> picking u volume, if you are traveling into town, nework avenue, it looks good. travel lanes are open. interstate , manassas, all the travel lanes are open. volume along the way. no hang ups to the roosevelt bridge for that matter o i-66. one more stop, update you, making t tr,long 395. up to the pentag. smooth sailing. and on the rails, metro, vre, reporting no ear issues. >> 5:22, a role reversal for a u.s. supreme court justice. >> ts woman and her husband, feeling gerous, a local university lucked out because of
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doesn'dry dishes completely, leaving spots. finish jet-d dries dishes better than detergenalone. two times better ! for a brilliant shine, fini jet-dry rinse ant. finish. the diamond standa. george cleanyaid he contracted a potentially deadly disease. he contracted mylaria, b fully recovered. he is working to draw attention to a referendum on independence for the sthern part of sudan,
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mostly christian. his own experience with mylaria shows that prope medication can help to fight the disease. super court justice kagan was called inor jury duty. others took pictures of kagan while she waited she was not calle for duty and turned to the other side of the ally big bench. the top bench. >> she likes to be on that de. i think. a local universy hit the donation japot, thankso megamiions. >> and snow fell overnight, this morning, everyon will be talking temperatures. findut why. f[ male announcer ] wh happens when you channel the speed,
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congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> and aocal teen on his way home. >> and you may be wondering where is the the snow? well, look up in maryland, a little white on i-270, not a lot the surface. >> virginia, wet roads to speak of. i-66 in manassas. drivers movin along well. d more of the same in the district. od luck finding snowy roads here. nort capitol street. l of salt out there. >> we do have two school days to pass along to you. garrett county public schools are opening two hours late and ke keleton, two hour dey as well. >> way out west. >> we have viewers there, too.
5:31 am
elsewhere, road temperatures staying above freezing thankfully ernight. the dusting that we go and the snowshowers, most of that snow is meltingn the roads. lingering snowshowers, northern shenandoah valley, in madison and een counties, a dusting as they me on through. the greenne, mostly rain, dusting of light ow, fairfax andloudn. theris more to come. teeratures are getting below freezing, into loudoun and shenandoah, and the deepening area of low pressure off the jersey coas more cool air as the day progresses. the temperatures contiing to
5:32 am
drop. 20s now, and teens in ohio and indianat is zero in chicago. 6 above in st. louis. minneapolis, 20 below zero in northern minnesota. some of that will fl out of the 30s into the 20s, byawn material, in theteens, starting off saturday morning. a look at theeekend i a few minutes. jerry. >> we are well into the 5:30 hour, for the most part dry payment. that is good news. beltway to landmarknd across the 14th street bridge. ho h.o.v., a light volume of traffic. university blevard and route 29, 29, up a lorraine avenue. word of a accident involvi a
5:33 am
pedestrian. and route 29, lockwood drive, those who take the 29 corridor, we hav a head's up for tt keep you updated. vre and rail all doing fine. >> weather is impacting flights, several flights have been cancelled or delayed. reaganational art. delta cancelled trips to atlant boston, droithis morning. check with your airline carrier for delays this morning. >> d.c. pole investigating an sault that left a man bleeding from the history. on new york avenue northeast. we have more on this a anoer vient attack. melissa. >> two attacksn just a matter of a day or so. we are live northet.
5:34 am
the incident happened around 1:00 this morng, in the 200 block of new york avenue. we have video of the crime sne from earlier today, when police were out here. around 1:0 this morning,he victim in today'sttack said he was hit in the head. the man was able to flag down a u.s. capal police officer who radioed in for help. the victim was bleedingrom the left side of the head. heaid he was attacked with a sharp object. the other attack, blocks away, another man, williamitchell was lled, shot in the chest. he was walking home after seeing a play at the shakespeare theater. a witss said he was approached by a man on a bike. the two got into ann mated convsation. the killer did get away on his bike. they are still searching for suspects in bh cases.
5:35 am
anybody wit any information in either case is urg to contact investigators. happeningtoday, a new mileste in the recovy of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. it was january 8th, when jared louger shot her in the head. gabrielle giffords is able t squeeza hand. three days after that she opened her eyes forhe first time. january 19th two, days ago with help, gabrlle giffords stood upor the first time. not even two weeks after the shooting, she i scheduled to leave the hospital for a rehabilitation facility. the rehab wl start with an evaluation. >> we ask questions, perform examination. and see what pern can and cannot do.
5:36 am
congresswoman gabrielle giffords got special therapy, got get out in the sun and see a view of e mountains. the final mission, atlantic ll makes it finalrip on the june 28th, carryg spare parts to t international space statn. discovery is sen to launch on february 24th, and endeavor, with mark kelly, the husband of gabrielle giffords' in command, is schedul to for april 19th. > gilbert cisneros and his wi won millions iheottery last may. he gduated from gw in 1994, and jacki stayed at work even though she knew she won.
5:37 am
they donated $one million to go. gw. >> who is proposing exteing a freeze on federal pay? >> and like a sce from a movie, a massive round up o mafia suspects. >> weath
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39, 35 degrees, wl above freezing right now. traffic is moving well on the 14th street bridge in and out of the district. not much snow to speak of out there this morning. >> there is a lot of weather changes and big problems coming our way. tohas the latest. good morning tyou. >> bundle up. we hav cold winds begningo increa. already, we are still sing liering owshowers, panhandle of west virginia, into the shenandoah valley, eas of there, farther south, and teeratures there, beginning to drop. winds are increasing,ecause we have had that weak area of low pressure came through overnight, and the rain.
5:41 am
it is deepening offhe jersey coast. creasing our winds, gusting now 30 miles an hour. windchills are dropping intohe low 20s now. the tempetures continue to drop. west virginia, 20, 20 in wtern maryland. northern minnesota, below zero. we will stay below freezing througho the weekend. a look at nextweek, coming up in ten minutes. >> a couple of problems on the route 29, an accident 29 uthbound at lockwood. the accident is right behind the camera. police on the scene. pedestrian accident, 2 nortound at lorraine avenue. which puts it above university boulevard. may encounter early delays to the four corners. northern virginia, 95 loading up quickly. we received word of a accident
5:42 am
at lorton,n the tral portion of the roadway. that cld complicate your commute a bit. and in town we go. both directions for that matt, along the bridge looking good. on the rail metro trail e andmarc, alln good shape. >> o local wrestling coach loses his job. >> and dogs rescued from deplorable conditions, some looking for homes. >>
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let us remember, this particular time, that kindness counts anthat there's still room for a ntle response to those in need. so i want to tnk the people of venezuela and citgo petroleum for their generosity. we'll have our differences, but they were e only country, and the only oil compa, to answer our call to provide heating assistance to theoor. if you need help stayi warm, give me a call at citizens energy at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because one should be left out in the ld. welcome back, 5:44, a live look outside right now. this is i-0, route 121 in ryland. we did have light snoe, duing, the payment is pretty much wet. no accumulation to speak of at this point. be caful.
5:45 am
we have few schoollosings in maland. algain i mountaidistrict is closed. and garrett county schoo are running two hours late. and pendleton schools are on a two-hour delay. a 19 year-old from virginia isn his way home from kuwait. heas fro alexandria. hes expected to land at dulles in the next couple of hours? >> it soundsike his plane may arrive after 6:30his morning. it was d to arrive at 6:45. he is expectedo be o that plane from kuwt at dulles international airport. g gulet mohammed was a naturalized
5:46 am
u.s.itizen born in somalia, reportedly on a plane bk to the united states. last year, he visited his birth place, wt to yemen. he went to kuwait to visit with relatives and lernarabic. in deceer, when he went to renew his visa, he was detained. wyers say he was tortured for eight ds about his tim in yemen, if he had links to terroristshere. lawye lawyers, his travel raised flags with them that is why he was detained. mohammed has bn released. he is believed to be on board this plane due to arrive in dulles. we are hopingo talk to him and hisawyers when he does return. a montgomery cnty coach
5:47 am
has been benched, bndon shapirooached the churchill wrtling team. one parent complaed, and others are coming to his defense. an appeal haseen filed, and students signed a petitn in support of the coach that will be given to theprincipal. >> the university of maryland has awded a degree to a student kille in prince george's county. someone shot and kille the student inside his off campus home in college park last week. the 22-year-old was pursuing an astronomy degree to gduate in may. it is one of 14 homicide in
5:48 am
prince george's county thi year. >> their 9-year-old sister was killed. doctors say two of the girls are owing signs of improvement and will survive. the third remains in extremely critical continue in baltimore. >> a plan to shrink the feral deficit, but it would mean cuts for federal workers, the committee revealed tir spending reduction act. it wou extend president obama's payreeze from two to five year, and cut the civil service, and the lawmakerslaim that it would eliminate $2.5 trillionn spending over t years. >> governor oalley is seto
5:49 am
real the new budget, a reformed pension plan. over t last four years, governor o'maly cut $5.6 million from the state budget, including 4200 ste positions. >> he made that announcemt in an opinioniece in the washington postthis morning. he said business leade should provide expertise and service to our country. heill serve on the presidens council on jobs and competitiveness. today, he will tour a ge ant. the board has people from the labor andorporate world. ge is the current, and until the end of this month, parent company of our station nbc 4.
5:50 am
>> there are those who have announced their candidacy f the white house. among them, a manho owns a gutter business, an investor and home remodeler. under federal campaign law, they aren't officl candidates until they raise o spend $5,000. 35people signed up to run for president. 343 four years earli. >> president huhad private meetgs with members of ngress, he remained timistic, saying chinand the u.s. will handle each other's major interests. he had dinner and will meet wit
5:51 am
a chin neez autopart producer whilhe is in the windy city. sayin goo bye to sargent shriver. a public wake will be held at holly trinity church four to eight p.m. a prate pass will be held at our lady of mercy. he mared jfk's sister and o of the last livinginks to the family to the white house. he was the founder of the peace corps. >> this is make-up exam dayn some o the high schools, i am sure they are thrilled. >> i hop you studied. and did your homework right? >> and bundle , t. layer up as you go out. already now, windsusting to 30 miles an hour. we will have gusts of 40 miles anour in the next few hours. already, uering in colr weather and lingering
5:52 am
snowshowers in the valley oking at the radar. ey are getting a dusty on top of the dusty earlie shenanah, page, and fredrick coty virginia, and aoss the border, advanci tthe east. they are tending to dry o as they move to the east. northwest washinon, northern prince grge's county, and points north. generally, as much as two inches onome of the highe ridges, closer to washington, and further sout it was mtly rain. and road temperatures and air temperatures stayed above freezing overnight. they are dropping below freezing now montgomery, louun county,panhane of west virginia, it is already in the upper 2 there. these are the latest wind gusts, arnd 30 miles an hour around the region. thewindchill, around , even inhe teens, farther we and
5:53 am
north. due to a deepening area of low pressure, when it was weak when it came over us with light rain. it is deepening rapidly, spreading snow to new yor city, hartford, and boston. flight delays there. west virgia, 20. single digits in ohio and indiana. chicago at zero. and minneapolis, st. paul, frost bite falls, minnesota, 41 below zero. that is the nickname for international fall 41 below zero. the coldest air of the winter. the winds whipping up. for the students at ourus stops, below freezing, layer up. droppingnto the 20s, and the winds will be whippin up to 40 miles an hour into the
5:54 am
afternoon. sunrise at 5:17. down t near 20 by late evening, then, the low and mid teens by dawn saturday. it looks to remain below freezinginto the first part of next wee lows in the ens, may get light snow on tmptds during the afternoon and evening, with e timing on that snowgain wednesday night. jey, how is traffic? >> we are getting wind whipped, starting to see the effects of the cold front. the knicks knocking t camera about a bit. the good news, no accides, all the way down to ger thantown to the split. hang on tight to the steering while. new york avenue, minimal traffic delays,s you head to blattonburg road, west, on interstate 66. 66 all the way on it in is good.
5:55 am
route 29, northbound to lorraine avenue, minorccident involving an cyclist. vre and marc, reporting no delays. >> some good fellows are in bracelets, thanks to what they may call no good dirty rats. the well known sicilian mafia, members from n rk, new jersey and rhode island, some connected to crimes dating back decades, the rest arehe sults of simultaneous investigatio the mobsters are charged with exrtion, racketeering and murder, some accused of taking out other mobsters >> indisreporting the operations. >> theob sting is called t largest mafia round u ever. it was a resultf wire tapping,
5:56 am
and already resulted in pson much stences for some of the group leaders. >> everying is back to normal after the sme at the marriott hotel that forced guests to acuate. the srce of the smell was the trash mpactor. sui arlington county, because she was forced to cover up mural she wpainted on her store. a dozen adorable do rescued from a puppy mill in missouri isaking a home here
5:57 am
in washington the humane society rescued the dogs and took them to seven shelters across the cotry. the dogs haveeen living in poor conditions, with re, they should be healthy in no time. >> her hair w so badly matted, we cldn't find her feet. we got a lot of hair off her. she is doing better all already. if youere not in the district, there are other shelters, including the spca in loudoun county care and control. they are named after '80s musicians, tiffany, axel re and cindy lauper. >> axelay keep you up --
5:58 am
yes. >> a well known investor decides >> a well known investor decides to lea the washington post. just joined? new ye's resoluti!
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